World Rugby to raise awareness about refugees and support United Nations’ World Refugee Day

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On June 20, United nations celebrated World Refugee day dedicating it to the refugees all the world to raise awareness of the criticality of situatioin in which the refugees live.

The intruders into Germany was a big area of concern given their mingling into Germany was a challenge with regards to their culture, discipline, solidarity and values. This draws up attention and needs a common agenda from all the communities to come together and give it thought so that these refugees are integrated into their society and also have the chance to participate in sports. People from different society and culture adjusting to something totally different of which they are neither taught or not ready is a difficult way of living life.

People who are displaced from their original places and are forced to live a refugees at some other strange world is getting bigger and bigger with UN declaring the no. to be more than seventy millions worldwide. Imagine, not one or two but millions of people are living in this disparity and injustice.

With these human values in mind, World Rugby has two initiatives namely Rugby United and Rugby Open Borders which will form a part of Spirit of Rugby programme. Rugby United is a initiative in Germany by a sports club Cologne in Germany, which helps refugees to integrate into Germany community. Rugby United has also won accolades for its work through several awards.

Rugby open Borders opens its doors for young referee and migrants an opportunity to be a part of Austrian Rugby community. It arranges workshops, outdoor excursion and activities to mingle the refugees to become a part of Austrian Society. It has won accolades world over for its contribution to the society.

The first ever Refugee Olympic team in Rio 2016 Olympics which was a part of activity by Olympic Refuge foundation founded by International Olympic Committee to support refugees across the world was the first ever initiative in any sports event so big for this community of the society which gave them a recognition and space and chance to settle and integrate towards the culture and society of the country they currently live into.

If other sports authorities too support his human cause, this can fast spread and become a word through the medium of sports since every person in world love some or the other sports and it cannot be better than this useful.