Statistics & Records of Rugby World Cup so far

Rugby Stats & Records

Rugby is one of the most watched sports across the different parts of world which has its history as long and as interesting. With Rugby World Cup being played every four years, it has created many records and statistics to its credit. We have tried to collate as many data as we could for the benefit of our readers to get all the information at a single place. Let’s have a look at them one by one :

Which is the Country that has won most titles in Rugby World Cups played so far ?

New Zealand has the credit of winning 3 titles so far in the years 2015, 2011 & 1987. Thus New Zealand is the defending champion this rugby season and also the most favoured nation. New Zealand has also to its credit the record of winning maximum percentage of winning titles of the total tournaments played which is 37.5%. The people of New Zealand are eagerly waiting for their team to win the fourth title and continue with the record of winning the most titles in RWC.

Tries & its Records :

Which team has scored maximum no. of tries in a match in Rugby World Cups ?

It is Australia with a record 22 tries against Namibia 2003 World Cup. It is closely followed by New Zealand with 21 tries against Japan in 1995 while the third rank goes to England with 17 tries against Uruguay in 2003. Reaching till the try line is a achievement and shows the coordination and how strong the team is in reaching the try line.

Looking at the individual record of who scored most tries in a match, it Mar Ellis again from New Zealand against Japan in 1995 with record of 6 tries. Chris Latham from Australia and Josh Lewsey from England are just a step behind with 5 tries each in the 2003 world cup.

The youngest player to score a try in a World cup game is George Phillip North from Wales against Namibia. Whereas the oldest scored record goes to Diego Ormaechea from Uruguay against Spain in the year 1999.

Points Record :

New Zealand has the record of most points by a team in a single match with 145 points record against Japan in the year 1995. It is closely followed by Australia with 142 points against Namibia in 2003. Third rank goes to England with 111 points against Uruguay in the year 2003.

The record for most points by a individual player in a single tournament is the player of New Zealand Grant Fox with 126 points in 1987. Jonny Wilkinson from England is close with 113 points closed followed with 112 poinst by Thierry Lacroix from France in 1995.

Talking about maximum points in a single match by a player, Simon Culhane from New Zealand has to his credit 45 points against Japan in 1995. Gavin Hastings from Scotland is just a point away with 44 points which it scored against Ivory Coast in 1995. Third place is occupied by Mat Rogers from Australia with 42 points against Namibia in 2003.

With points, the margin also is considered with which team has won with the highest margin. This record goes to Australian team which scored a 142-0 against Namibia in 2003. The second thinnest margin win is by New Zealand Vs Japan in 1995 with the score of 145-17.

Conversions Records :

The conversion record for most conversion in a tournament is with Grant Fox from New Zealand with 30 conversions in the year 1987. Second rank goes to Daniel Carter who is again from New Zealand in the year 2015.

In a single match record, Simon Culhane from New Zealand did most conversions with a record of 20 against Japan in 1995. Mat Rogers is second with 16 conversions from Australia in 2003 against Namibia.

Draws in Rugby World Cups :

There have been three draws in world cups so far with equal points of both teams. The most recent being Canada VS Japan with score 23-23 in 2011. Prior to that, it was the same tie up between Canada and Japan in 2007 with 12-12 points. In 1987, France and Scotland had a tie up with a score of 20-20.

Zero Points Records :

There have been some games in the history of Rugby World Cup wherein some or the other team scored a Nil point and were defeated. The following teams had a 0 score in any game :

Fiji, Namibia, Canada, Ivory Coast, France, USA, Spain, Romania, England, & Scotland

Interesting Facts :

Japan, which is the current host for Rugby World Cup 2019 has never won Rugby World Cup, though it has participated in the game. It could only make to the Group Stages and never gone beyond that.
The last World Cup final in 2015 is the highest scoring game so far which was played between New Zealand and Australia.