Rugby World Cup Ball – History and facts

Rugby World Cup 2019 Gilbert Ball
Rugby World Cup 2019 Gilbert Ball

With all eyes on the oval shaped ball, the center piece of the whole game which billions of eyes will be watching has a history as long as the game itself.

In 1995, Gilbert Rugby was announced the official ball for Rugby World Cup. Every year it has improved the ball and helped improve the game for the players and spectators. It has got different names every world cup, this 2019 season named as Sirius. It was known with the following tags during the different Rugby World Cups :

1995 – Barbarian
1999 – Revolution
2003 – Xact
2007 – Synergie
2001 – Virtuo
2015 – Match XV
2019 – Sirius

It takes four long years for the company to make new and improved ball every time with new features. It is always tested first, before the actual world cup begins by actually playing in any sub tournament. The rising sun icon conveys Japan at the center of the World Cup 2019 Rugby also its presence at both ends of the ball gives point of reference for the players. The colour frames on the ball are so designed that will help the players identify the ball on the field. The consonance of the Rugby world cup 2019 and the design and technology have been kept in mind while making this piece. Sirius is named after the Binary Star System also that it is the star that looks brightest from both northern and southern hemisphere which makes it true for Rugby players coming together from across the globe for the game RWC 2019.

Ian Savage, the engineer at Gilbert ball said : “This new technology allows repeatable and accurate placement of its highly defined, patented and dual height star shaped pimples on every ball”.

Sirius has been used at Autumn international series, Guinness six nations, Americas Rugby Championship to ensure that all the participating 20 teams in the Rugby world cup 2019 are accustomed to the new ball to be comfortable playing it when the tournament begins in September 2019.