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Analysis of Fiji, in Pool D with Australia, Georgia, Uruguay and Wales. They play Australia on Saturday, 21 September in Sapporo.

A group of boundaries; no group rucks less or passes more per ruck. Only one group kicks less and one scrummages better. Just Namibia see less of the ball in a match.

In the previous two years Fiji have beaten Samoa, Georgia, Uruguay, France, Canada and Tonga.

Consolidate exceptional assaulting capacity with a significantly better scrum.


Fiji are performers. Inside the primary moment of their latest match, against Tonga, they had been turned over, turned the ball back finished, and fly-half Ben Volavola had slapped a pass on after Tonga had shut him down rapidly. All inside their very own 22. They play as though every game is a round of sevens and the warm and dry Japanese climate will suit them.

Their scrum enhancements can’t be exaggerated. Fiji used to be a group who might toss the ball around and afterward, when they thumped on, walk in reverse in the scrum. They are never again that group. They put Japan under strain recently and commanded the Tonga scrum in the second 50% of their match in August. Matches against Georgia and Wales will be an immense trial of their newly discovered aptitude.

The Fiji group can turn the ball over at breakdowns, in hammers, or they can strip the ball in the handle. No convey is protected from their ball-squeezing consideration. In addition to the fact that they turn the ball over, they would then be able to run the length of the pitch and score attempts.


No group’s objective kicking achievement rate is lower than Fiji’s 62 percent. They have a scrum which can press punishments out of any resistance, yet that possibly checks in the event that they can change over the kicks.

Against Tonga, Fiji committed a great many missteps and were kept written inside their own 22 meter-line for the initial 35 minutes. They completed that period level at 12-12, on account of two attempts from inside their own half after Tongan missteps. Neither Australia nor Wales will freeze when they arrive at the Fijian 22. Hope to see Fiji a lot further behind on the off chance that they play as they accomplished for 35 minutes against Tonga.

Express this to dazzle your companions:

“Georgia kick the third regularly of any group in the competition and have the ball for just 1m 10s more than Fiji per coordinate. The conflict of styles and approaches will make the best match of the pool organize (on 9 October).”

World Ranking: ninth