Rugby World Cup 2019 Sponsors, Suppliers and Partners, get to know

Rugby Sponsors
Rugby Sponsors

The organizers of Rugby World Cup 2019 have got the partners and sponsors who will be officially linked with this great game world cup and be official sponsors and suppliers of the material as well. Let’s have a look at who is linked and how.

Rugby World Cup 2019 World Wide Partners :

This will be a win-win situation for organizations who would feel proud being partners of this world famous games which takes away breath of its fans. Following are the official partners for 2019 Rugby World Cup

Emirates, Heineken, Land Rover, Master Card, Societe Generale(Official Bank) & DHL

Rugyb World Cup 2019 Official Sponsors :

While there is no dearth of the cos willing to sponsor Rugby World Cup, following are the sponsors for the game :

Canon, TOTO, Secom, NEC, Lipovitan D & Mitsubishi Estate Co Ltd

Rugby World Cup 2019 Tournament Suppliers :

The following cos will be supplying the material required in the game to keep on moving :

Gilbert, Tudor, Toppan, Canterbury, Docomo, EY, Suntory, Aggreko

These partners, sponsors and suppliers make it possible for a world cup as big as this to go and run swiftly and that financing the game or costing on material does not be hindrance to the game and it is played in the same spirit.