Uruguay Training Squad for Rugby World Cup 2019

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Uruguay Rugby Training Squad

For those who are new to Urguay Rugby team, the Uruguay Nation Rugby Union Team is called Los Teros. For the Los Teros, a strong training squad of 34 players has been declared which will pave the way for the team towards the coveted 2019 Rugby World Cup. The team will be as follows :

Forwards will be as follows :

Diego Arbelo, Juan Echeverría, Facundo Gattas, Joaquín Jaunsolo, Germán Kessler, Guillermo Pujadas, Juan Pedro Rombys, Mateo Sanguinetti, Ignacio Dotti, Manuel Leindaker, Diego Magno, Gonzalo Soto Mera, Franco Lamanna, Manuel Ardao, Juan Manuel Gaminara, Santiago Civetta, Juan Diego Ormaechea (foto), Manuel Diana, Alejandro Nieto, Leandro Segredo

Backs will be as follows :

Santiago Arata, Agustín Ormaechea, Felipe Berchesi, Juan Manuel Cat, Andrés Vilaseca, Agustín Della Corte, Nicolás Freitas, Tomás Inciarte, Federico Favaro, Ignacio García, Leandro Leivas, Felipe Etcheverry, Rodrigo Silva, Gastón Mieres

The Uruguay Coach Esteban Menesas declared the team and also that during the Pool D campaign, Juan Manuel Gaminara will captain the Uruguay Rugby team. Juan was present in 2015 along it some other players who are also a repeat this season.

The Los Teros will have their first match against Fiji on 25th Sep in Kamaishi which will be further followed by playing against Australia, Georgia & Wales.

The Uruguay Rugby Team history shows that the team has so far competed in three Rugby World Cups of which the best performance they have shown was in Wales in 1999.