JFRU should make reforms to strengthen Rugby, Urges Yoshiro Mori

rwc 2019 latest news
rwc 2019 latest news

Japan Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, also the ex Japan Football Rugby Union chairman has asked to implement certain reforms which will not only increase the awareness but also popularity of the Rugby game in Japan.

Mori will be stepping down from the body and he has suggested to the body suggestions before stepping down from his post. He proposed for reforms in JFRU with future vision the rugby game in Japan and the importance this popular game carries across the world.

Tadashi Okamura has been appointed the new chief succeeding Mori and was given reform suggesstions so that Japan is able to come upto the expectations of the world it has with Japan. It is seen as a major economy and now the world should also see it as a major sports hub. This is visioned by Mori, but there have been instances which keep the country far from it. One such instance was not enough support from JFRU for World Cup host locations outside Tokyo in Japan. This can be very well taken care of. Second instance was JFRU was lacking in accomodating indviduals from inside as well as outside and it was not upto mark.

If one wants to succeed as a super host, every minute detail matters and if the game is of this large scale as Rugy with big scale of finance and economies involved, deep rooted administration will definitely pay off in the longer run.

Mori has also invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to attend the first match between Japan and Russia at Tokyo stadium when the both met at Osaka for the G20 summit of the Russian President has given the assurance to consider if time permits.